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Colombian Rental House Teleservicios Imagula Anton / Bauer Dionic XT ndi mabatire a Cine VCLX


SHELTON, Conn. — Jan. 8, 2019 — Teleservicios (TSV Rental), a digital film equipment provider in Colombia, has added a significant volume of Anton/Bauer mobile power systems to its rental inventory as part of a broader equipment upgrade. TSV Rental’s new Anton/Bauer products include more than 30 Dionic XT 150 14V Li-ion batteries with V-Mount, 10 Performance Dual V-Mount chargers, and Cine VCLX free-standing batteries together with Cine VCLX chargers.

Based in Bogotá, TSV Rental offers a broad range of audiovisual services including ENG camera and equipment rentals to medium-sized TV stations, digitizing services for archiving, and playout services. Customers include top Colombian production houses that create content for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO, as well as film producers for Colombian cinema.

Anton/Bauer’s Dionic XT is the newest generation of the highly popular Dionic battery series for broadcast and 14.4V cinema applications. Available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount, the high-performing and compact Dionic XT is capable of delivering up to 12A of continuous power for cinematographers, broadcasters, rental houses, and others for whom battery performance and reliability are essential.

The Anton/Bauer Cine VCLX is a 630Wh NiMH battery that delivers all of the safety and high-power-draw performance of NiMH cell chemistry technology in a power package specifically designed to integrate 24V film and 14V video equipment. Safe for travel without restrictions, the Cine VCLX includes multiple 14V and 28V XLR outputs, making it ideal for cine and high-voltage lighting applications.

“TSV Rental’s significant Anton/Bauer purchase is a great endorsement of our mobile power solutions,” said Marco Brea, regional sales manager, Vitec Production Solutions. “As an emerging player in the Colombian rental marketplace, TSV Rental has already built an impressive client list with demanding projects that require top-quality, reliable equipment. With their outstanding capacity in a compact package and their enhanced power management, the Dionic XTs in particular offer a superior choice over other batteries TSV Rental has used.”

Videointegrators Export Co. (Vidiexco), Anton/Bauer’s local distributor, facilitated TSV Rental’s Anton/Bauer purchase. In addition to the Anton/Bauer batteries, TSV Rental has also added tripods from OConnor, monitors from SmallHD, and wireless video systems from Teradek to its upgraded equipment inventory.

“When it came time to upgrade much of our rental equipment, we naturally turned to Vitec Group brands,” said Juan Sebastian López, director, TSV Rental. “We know we can count on Vitec Group to give us industry-standard products that will stand up to the rigors of a busy rental business, as well as provide us with the best service in the industry.”

The Dionic XT90 and Dionic XT150 from Anton/Bauer start from $499. Pricing for the Cine VCLX starts at $2,585. More information about Anton/Bauer is available at dionic.antonbauer.com/.

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Mafotokozedwe a Chithunzi: The Anton/Bauer Dionic XT battery photographed on-location in Colombia’s Amazonia region. The Dionic XTs were recently used by Teleservicios to help capture extreme footage for an upcoming television series.

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